A Journey through Centuries of Wisdom and Discovery

Enter a world where cutting-edge science meets ancient folklore, and where the remarkable powers of nature converge with groundbreaking bioengineering. At the forefront of this extraordinary fusion stands Mycoton, a breakthrough dietary supplement born from the visionary work of esteemed scientist Leontiy Fedorovych Gorovoy at the prestigious National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

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Mycoton's Roots

Pioneering Research by Leontiy Fedorovych Gorovoy

Drawing inspiration from the enigmatic Fomes fomentarius mushroom, renowned for its abundant production of potent bioactive substances, Mycoton showcases the marriage of scientific advancement and traditional folk medicine wisdom.

Traditional Significance

The Enigmatic Fomes fomentarius Mushroom

Revered throughout the ages as the "blood sponge," this remarkable mushroom has played a pivotal role in Slavic healing traditions since time immemorial. Legend has it that this marvel of nature was hailed as a panacea, an essential ingredient in ancient recipes safeguarding against diverse poisons, aiding in healing wounds, mending broken limbs, and more.

Scientific Advancements

Birth of Pharmaceutical Mycology & Mycoton's Creation

Such was the allure of these higher basidial fungi that they sparked the birth of an entirely new branch of medicine in the late 1990s — pharmaceutical mycology. This groundbreaking field paved the way for the development of Mycoton, harnessing the untapped potential of Fomes fomentarius through innovative bioengineering techniques. This intricate process yielded a remarkable composite material, carefully crafted from the fungus's cell walls and enriched with a complex blend of biopolymers: chitin, glucans, and melanins.

Product Excellence

Rigorous Testing and Proven Safety

Proudly crafted in Ukraine, Mycoton stands alone as a one-of-a-kind creation, unmatched by any other. Its journey towards perfection has been marked by rigorous medical-biological scrutiny and extensive clinical trials across various specialized clinics since 1991. Remarkably, throughout this entire period of meticulous testing and widespread usage, no adverse effects or reports of harm have ever emerged. Mycoton has proven itself to be a safe and reliable companion on the path to enhanced well-being.

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Mycoton & Chernobyl

Radiation Protection and Immune Boosting Properties

In the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster, Mycoton's remarkable properties took center stage, particularly in its ability to provide crucial radiation protection. Extensive research shed light on the specific antioxidant and immune effects that Mycoton delivers, solidifying its role as a vital ally against radiation-related health risks.

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Unlock the Potential of Mycoton

Embark on a transformative quest towards optimal health. Witness firsthand the harmonious symphony of science and nature, as Mycoton empowers you with its gentle, yet potent attributes. Explore the realm where centuries-old wisdom converges with cutting-edge innovation, and discover the remarkable possibilities that await you on this captivating journey of self-care and wellness.